Surefire Ways on Avoiding Stretch Marks!

          While many men and women already suffer from stretch marks, there are still those who have never had them. Since stretch marks are caused by the skin’s loss of elasticity and eventual scarring of skin tissue, we can’t really say who will have them and who won’t. There is one thing definite, though, and that is nobody wants stretch marks. People who have them try different treatments to remove or minimize them. Others even go to the extent of having a laser surgery just to cure the condition. For those who do not have stretch marks but want to prevent having them, these tips would help on avoiding stretch marks.

  1. Hydrate your body. Drink plenty of liquids because water provides our skin more elasticity. Also, dehydrated skin is more susceptible to tissue breakage which is a known cause of stretch marks.
  2. Moisturize. Although the creation of stretch marks happens deep inside our skin layers, moisturizing the surface of our skin will definitely help. Lotions and creams with natural elements that enhance skin elasticity are very good in avoiding stretch marks.
  3. If obese or overweight, control your diet in such a way that there is no rapid weight loss. Rapid weigh loss (or gain) can cause the skin to damage and scar, causing stretch marks.
  4. Another way in avoiding stretch marks is to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can also contribute to having active cell and tissue regeneration which can change damaged cells.
  5. Avoid too much sun exposure. Avoiding stretch marks also means that you need to avoid the damaging sun. Do not expose your skin too much under high sunlight especially if your skin is sensitive.

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